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Book Promotion for Introverts

People who knew me back in the day may be surprised that I land firmly in the introvert category as an adult. In high school, I loved to be in the musicals, singing solos center stage and dancing around. In college I preferred to sing in groups. Now, I only sing in the shower or the car when the anxiety is under control.

As you can imagine, promoting my writing and my books has posed a  challenge. After all, many of us write so we don’t actually have to speak!

The first step was to come out of the closet as a writer. Admitting to the world that I write and actually labeling myself as an author was difficult. I had to set all my anxiety aside and fake a certain level of confidence I rarely feel.

Once I actually pushed the “publish” button, I had to contemplate how to get my book seen by more people so I had a fighting chance of actually selling it. After all, isn’t that the goal?

I started with promo cards that I got for a great price through Vistaprint. Their site allows you to design everything yourself and it turned out to be very easy. I left small stacks of these every place that allowed it! Friends and family took some and distributed them even further.

I shared my book cover on social media and asked friends to share it far and wide. Word-of-mouth is literally my only marketing tool! 😊

I donated copies if my book to all the libraries within driving distance. I still remember and love books that I discovered in the stacks of the children’s section when I was young. I think the very best thing as an author would be to have one of my stories resonate like that with a young reader, to have them  seek out those favorite titles as an adult and share them with their own children.

One of the greatest things family and friends can do is to share an indie children’s author’s books with their local library and the young people in their lives. When someone asks me to sign a book that they have purchased as a gift, it makes my heart swell.

I know deep down that I should seek out opportunities to do readings and appearances as a speaker at schools. My anxiety has kept me from trying this as I feel yet. I hope some day to push past this fear and try that!

Self-promotion is not for the faint of heart. One of the greatest fears many writers and artists have is fear of success. It is almost as prevalent as the fear of failure so many people have, the one that keeps them from ever making the attempt in the first place. whatever your dream, you have to decide how you define success. Is it hitting The NY Times bestseller list? Is it seeing your story on the big screen? Is it simply sharing your work with others and having them enjoy it?

My writing, at this point in my life, will not support me. It doesn’t pay the bills. Some day it may. I am okay with this at this stage in my life. I have a day job that is completely unrelated and accesses other skills that I enjoy. If I had to write to put food on the table, I fear it would no longer be as enjoyable. Some day I may push myself to prove that theory wrong, but for now, I will continue with my grass roots style of promotion.


  1. I feel you could if you’d put your mind to it 😊 can’t wait to read your new one. Am advertising for it on Twitter and G+ and hope to send some readers your way 😚

    • Thanks for the promotion, Bee!! ❤️ word of mouth seems to be my most effective method of advertising.

      • You are very welcome! Anytime 😚

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