Catching Fireflies

finding magic along the way



  1. My youngest daughter, Zoe (age 11 at the time), and I had the privilege of reading Far Away and Ever After when it was still in manuscript form. I knew from the first chapter that Cheryl had to move forward with publishing this book. Zoe and I both agreed that Far Away and Ever After would be a must read for any preteen /teen and even adults who love adventure.To describe Far Away and Ever After in one word… captivating. The adventure starts from the very beginning and through many twists, turns and surprises, you yearn to read more. We were so enthralled with the work that neither Zoe nor I went to bed on time while reading it; we would both say “One more chapter?” in harmony, giggle and read one more chapter! There were even many nights that I would read ahead after Zoe went to bed because I had to know what was going to happen next! Cheryl Fassett is an extremely talented and imaginative writer. This book is a must read and I think that everyone should give the gift of adventure today by ordering Far Away and Ever After for every young person you know; they will LOVE you for it!
    Bravo Cheryl; we can’t wait for the sequel.
    ~ Chrissy Rex

    • Thank you, Chrissy and Zoe, for being some of my first readers and helping me make this dream come true! 😊

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