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Making a Mess In Front of the World

Last week, I talked about making mistakes and being a beginner. I wanted to share a little more on this topic. Ira Glass is the executive producer of NPR’s The American Life. In a 2009 interview, he gave the following advice to beginners. He is talking about writing, but it applies to anything new we …

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Making Noise with Two Left Feet

Years ago, my voice teacher used to tell me that anything worth doing was worth doing poorly until we learned to do it well. This is a lesson I must relearn all the time. Why is “beginner” a dirty word? When did it become embarrassing to do something and make a mistake because you are …

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Green Eyed Monsters Always Look Out For You

Some people see the green-eyed monster of jealousy as a bad thing. But, sometimes, I think it is merely our brain’s way of looking out for our best interests. I have allowed my green-eyed monster to stop me from climbing out onto various limbs and making a complete fool out of myself many times over …

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