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Be My Guest!

One of the fun things about being a member of the blogosphere is being asked to do a guest post. 🙂 Here is a post that I wrote that appeared on my editor’s blog on Monday. You should check out her blog over at Change It Up Editing! Tons of great information about creating your …

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Cleaning Out the Junk Drawer

I know that I have been quite firm about not setting any resolutions this year. The pressure of them always derails my best intentions. Even if I sail through January with my new-found dedication for self-improvement, the wheels always fall off the bus by mid-February at the latest. Then I feel depressed and loser-like and …

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A Blogger Recognition Award

I had a lovely surprise the other day when Mandy Eve-Barnett nominated me for a Blogger Recognition Award! Her site is always a great place to pop in and get some writerly wisdom and inspiration! The recipient of the award is supposed to tell a bit about how their blog started. For me, Catching Fireflies …

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Blogging with Intention

Recently, I signed up for a free webinar with Jeff Goins about how to increase your reach and what really builds a platform. These are buzzwords that many of us new writers and bloggers hear and think we understand, but often, (at least with me), don’t really have a clue how to accomplish. The webinar …

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Bitten By the Busy Bug

I have posted about being busy before. This is a spin-off of an older post when I was also busy with different projects. I am busier than a one-armed paper hanger in a windstorm… Busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs… Busier than a mosquito in a nudist colony… Busier than …

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Thank You For Your Patience

I just want to take a moment to thank all of my followers, readers and supporters for their continued support over the last few months. My certification class is over now. The test is behind me and I am thrilled to report that I passed! So I have added Certified Physician Practice Manager to my …

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Happy Blog-Day To Me!

This week marks the three year birthday of my blog! Who would have thought when I typed those first tentative words, that I would still be blogging and would have so many wonderful followers! In honor of this momentous occasion, I would like to share one of my favorite posts. From 2/17/2014…. I am NOT an …

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The Lure of the Writer’s Life

You know you have thought about it. What will life be like when you are a famous writer? or a rock star? or the world’s leading astrophysicist? or ________________(fill in your dream). Will you have hours of uninterrupted time to pursue your passion? Mansions? Expensive cars? Will you be able to travel to exotic places? …

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