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Another Hundred Pounds Gone & A Sweet Surprise

The rate I am going I should be skinny by next week! Oh, wait… It’s not pounds of fat but pounds of clutter I am losing. Well, the fat will just have to wait til next week I guess. 🙂 I hit some closets and dresser drawers on Saturday and can actually see the bar …

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How to Lose 300 Lbs with No One Noticing

Sounds crazy, I know, but it can be done! I lost over 300 lbs last weekend alone and no one but my husband has noticed! 🙂 I sorted through the piles and mounds of books in our “library” and donated over 16 boxes of books to our public library. My husband helped me lug them …

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Further Thoughts on Clearing the Clutter

Last week, I posted about the itch to start hoeing out closets and tossing things I haven’t thought about or used since 1978. I made a tiny dent in the books last weekend and each day this week I have continued to chip away at it. I hope to complete the library overhaul at my …

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I Lost 60 Lbs Last Weekend!

No, I didn’t have surgery… 🙂 I FINALLY hoed out my closet. This is a task that has needed attention for the past few years (obviously!) but I have dreaded it. Finally it came down to a safety issue. I had to clean it out before the weight of hanging clothes snapped the bar and …

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