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The Opposite of Fat

Last week I talked a little bit about my body and how mean I have been to it my whole life. I do nothing to strengthen it and bond with it and yet I expect perfection from it. I look at the photo shopped pictures in magazines and feel bad about it. I shop for …

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The Names We Call Ourselves

As a spiritually curious person, I have read a lot about different religions and faiths. One of the pagan rules of the universe that has stuck with me is that you get back what you put out there. Do good, and get good back. Do evil and you will be repaid in kind. I can’t …

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Further Thoughts on Clearing the Clutter

Last week, I posted about the itch to start hoeing out closets and tossing things I haven’t thought about or used since 1978. I made a tiny dent in the books last weekend and each day this week I have continued to chip away at it. I hope to complete the library overhaul at my …

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The Post Yule Blahs

I don’t know about all of you, but I tend to cruise through much of the holidays on auto-pilot. It’s the busiest and most stressful time of the year for me at work. There is so much pressure to buy the perfect gift and exhibit over the top holiday cheer. I find it is easier …

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Dark Nights of the Soul

Even the most prolific writers out there must encounter the lulls in productivity, right? Surely, it is not just a new writer phenomenon. It seems that the warm, sunny days of summer are not the elixir I needed. Finishing my last certification for work would not clear my desk and allow my brain to focus …

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“Writers Write”

  You see this gem in every writing book or magazine available. The first golden rule of writing. Writers write. But what happens when you go for a period of time without writing. Does this mean you are not a writer? Can only those who are able to dedicate an hour or more each day …

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Learning to Be a Cockeyed Optimist

I come from a family of singers. My parents both sing; I sing (or at least sang); my sister tried to sing. 🙂 Our house was always filled with music as my parents rehearsed for a Barbershop show, or church choir, or the local chamber chorus. I took voice lessons and was in the school musicals …

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There are many parallels to finding your voice in your writing, finding your voice in your singing, and finding your voice in your life. I have been a work in progress on all three fronts. I continue to take the smallest steps to letting that voice out whenever it feels restrained, and I am learning …

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