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Maximum Threshold

You’ve heard of maximum security, maximum overdrive, and even maximum heart rate. I have recently named a state of mind as “maximum threshold.” Maximum threshold is the ultimate level of stress you can handle before you have to give yourself a day off. It varies from person to person, and week to week. Even if …

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The Luxury of Down Time

Well, my four-day weekend is over, and my first day back at my day job is behind me. Whew! Why is it that it took a massage, a ninety minute nap, and a bottle of wine to get me relaxed last Friday? I blame all the busyness in our lives. Our spare time is so …

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Four Days – Unsupervised and Untethered

Ahhh, the time has come to take a few days off from my day job… And now with my forced relaxation (? Is that an oxymoron?) with my writing, what am I to do? Usually, when I have a few days of down-time, I end up running a cat or two to the vet (fingers …

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