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Fall Seven Times, Get Up Eight

It seems I am always in a place where I am learning new things. I get stale if I sit still too long. And one thing I have had to get past time and time again is the fear of failure. For many years, this fear kept me from going out on the limb. I …

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Oh, Procrastination, killer of dreams. Why do you taunt me so? It is a rare person indeed who knows what they want to do with their life at a very young age and has the determination and wherewithal to make it happen early on in their adulthood. Rarer still are those who can instill their …

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The Big Scary Thing

One of the themes that I come back to frequently in my writing and my life is fear. Writing is scary. Writing a novel is terrifying, and trying to publish that novel is The Big Scary Thing that I have been facing for the past few years. I have found that facing it one baby …

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In It to Win It

Last month, I posted about the lottery. I had noticed how high the prizes were and like always, when they reach that level, I started to think about winning. I drove by the same convenience store on the way to work this week and the numbers are down again, back to a mere $3 million …

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The Insidious Fear of Success

 I think one of the most insidious fears that we face is that of success. It hides beneath the surface and quietly undermines our progress. It hides from us and masks itself behind other fears – ones that make sense. We derail and subtly undermine ourselves on our journey and blame our fear of failure, …

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Failure: The Great Equalizer

Lately, I have been talking about fear in my posts. Fear of failure is probably the number one reason people don’t try to achieve their dreams. Nobody wants to fail at something. But I have a secret to share… Everyone will fail at something. Failure is the great equalizer. If you get out of bed …

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