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Prepare the Blanket Fort! Summer Reading is Here!

As the days get warmer, I start to itch for a good book. Not just any book. A big fat book filled with a sprawling epic adventure, something with the power to fill a slow, lazy afternoon when the only movement you make is to turn a page or reach for the icy glass of …

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Diane Duane’s Wizardry

 Diane Duane (1952-present) didn’t begin publishing her books for kids and teens until I was almost out of her targeted demographic. I admit that I did not hear about her in 1979, 1983 or even 1985 when her first three books came out and I was still in middle and high school. Instead, I came across her Book …

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The Magic of the Late Eva Ibbotson

I didn’t discover Eva Ibbotson’s magical novels until I was an adult. Ms. Ibbotson (1925-2010) was an Australian-born British novelist who write novels for kids and young adults. She was born to non-practicing Jewish parents in Austria. Her father was a pioneer in fertility treatment; her mom was a writer. After her parents divorced when …

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The Universal Appeal of Dragons

Ask any hardcore YA fantasy fan and they will tell you that the Dragonriders of Pern rocks! Written by Anne McCaffrey (1926-2011). Ms. McCaffrey was born in the United States but later emigrated to Ireland when the country exempted resident artists from income taxes. She began her writing career with short stories in the 1950s, …

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The Late, and Always Great, Diana Wynne Jones

I discovered Diana Wynne Jones (1934-2011) in her twilight years. I think I bough Howl’s Moving Castle within the last ten years. But that started a flurry of reading and book buying to bring me up to speed. Diana Wynne Jones was an English writer who wrote many novels for kids. Howl’s Moving Castle, the …

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