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Don’t Say Don’t

Sondheim had it right… We need to say Do more in our lives! Everybody Says Don’t CHERYL FASSETT ♦ NOVEMBER 28, 2012 ♦ In light of my last post, I found it funny that I came across a show tune I had not heard for twenty years or so.  The lyrics are so fitting to how I have …

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The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Oh, Procrastination, killer of dreams. Why do you taunt me so? It is a rare person indeed who knows what they want to do with their life at a very young age and has the determination and wherewithal to make it happen early on in their adulthood. Rarer still are those who can instill their …

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Running Scared, or How To Be Fearless

  Two of my favorite books on writing are Page After Page and Chapter After Chapter by Heather Sellers. I have found that these books, like most good books on writing, have taught me a lot about life, too. In Chapter After Chapter, there is a section about moving too fast and using speed to …

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