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Prepare the Blanket Fort! Summer Reading is Here!

As the days get warmer, I start to itch for a good book. Not just any book. A big fat book filled with a sprawling epic adventure, something with the power to fill a slow, lazy afternoon when the only movement you make is to turn a page or reach for the icy glass of …

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Eulalia! The Warrior Cry of Redwall

One of the children’s authors that I came to as an adult is Brian Jacques (1939-2011). He always loved to write, even as a child, but he spent much of his adult life in other lines of work. He was a merchant sailor, truck driver, bus driver, policeman, just to name a few of his …

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First Book Memories

A few years ago, I posted a confession of sorts. I spoke about my children’s fiction addiction and the wonder those stories hold for me. (You can read about that here.) In that post at the very beginning of my blogging journey, I spoke about some of my favorite childhood books and how they can …

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Story Withdrawal Makes My Head Hurt

I have been trying to focus on my class and the work load that goes with it for the last five weeks. I kept telling myself it is only twenty weeks out of your life, Cheryl; you can do this. Focus and don’t get distracted and it will be over before you know it. You …

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