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What To Write The Week After The Inauguration

I was poking through my tired brain for some ideas for the blog this week. As is often my habit, I scrolled through Twitter and Facebook looking for something that would catch my attention and inspire me. Sadly, everywhere I looked I found politics. For those of you who have found yourself off the grid …

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My Thanksgiving Wish

The last few months have been a bit crazy and stressful in our lives. One minute we were minding our own business and then some time in September things started to run amok. I have been so busy juggling worries and running between work and hospitals that I haven’t had time to relax, write, or …

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Holiday Wishes

I saw this on Facebook the other day and it is so very true. I count myself lucky when people ask what I want for Christmas or birthdays and I cannot think of a single thing. It shows that I am content with what I have and allows me to focus on what really matters. …

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