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February Flashback – Rawr! Listen to me Roar!

Back in August of last year, I posted this. I am feeling like I need to roar a little louder right now, so I thought I would share it again. Consider it a little kick in the hiney for those of you who need it!   I admit that I am a bit of a …

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February Flashback – Fear of Success

There seems to be a theme in my spring posts… Hell, it is woven throughout my posts most of the year, I guess. And that is fear. Fear of doing things we have always told ourselves we cannot do. Fear of attempting things and looking foolish. Fear of anything that sticks a toe outside our …

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February Flashback – Running Scared

In another February Flashback, I would love to share a post I wrote in March of last year called, “Running Scared, or How To Be Fearless.” I find myself in the same situations time and again, and am currently trying to relearn the lesson to not rush toward these big goals and dreams but to allow …

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If your plate is full, get a bigger plate!

I haven’t been around WordPress as much as I would like and I apologize for some slow blogging on my end.  Not only have I been trying to get over the loss of my two cats, and introducing some new kittens into the fold, but  it seems I may actually be crazy after all, which is something I …

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