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Little Miss Perfect

Hello, my name is Cheryl, and I am a perfectionist. We need to start an intervention group for perfectionism. Maybe they exist already. [Note to self: Google this because you need help.] I am one of those folks who let perfectionism keep me from doing a lot of things. This is especially true if it …

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Making a Mess In Front of the World

Last week, I talked about making mistakes and being a beginner. I wanted to share a little more on this topic. Ira Glass is the executive producer of NPR’s The American Life. In a 2009 interview, he gave the following advice to beginners. He is talking about writing, but it applies to anything new we …

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In It to Win It

Last month, I posted about the lottery. I had noticed how high the prizes were and like always, when they reach that level, I started to think about winning. I drove by the same convenience store on the way to work this week and the numbers are down again, back to a mere $3 million …

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The Ever-Shrinking Comfort Zone

Have you ever noticed the older we get, the more we loathe stepping outside our comfort zones? Kids hate it when other kids laugh at them, yes. But adults? We would rather sit in a corner and not even live if it protects us from the pointing fingers and scathing comments of others.   As …

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Glorious Mistakes

The other day I was lucky enough to come across this video of a commencement speech given by author Neil Gaiman. Watch the video here. I love how he does not claim to have all the answers.  He can tell us how he came to be a published author and how he approaches the job …

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