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Breaking the Inertia Habit

Last week, I mentioned that I had been reviewing old posts and came across a few that still struck a chord in my lie. They deal with inertia and momentum and trying to find the balance between the two. They also talk about one of my favorite books: This Year I Will by MJ Ryan. …

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Inertia and Momentum

I was looking through some old posts from three to four years ago and came across a few that talked about inertia and momentum. They also talked about one of my favorite books – This Year I Will by the fabulous MJ Ryan. I find that these feelings and themes keep resounding in my life …

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Gaining Momentum

Momentum is a funny thing.  Sometimes it feels like you are running wildly down a hill and your feet want to go faster than your mind.  Other times, your mind seems to be racing ahead of your body, filled with ideas and to do lists and not nearly enough hours in the day. Merriam-Webster defines momentum …

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