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When the Tide Goes Out

Ok… this summer lull seems to be a trend. I looked back at posts from summers past and I always land in a slump by mid to late summer. Why is that? Does the heat get to me? I know I am not a hot house flower; I much prefer the cool of autumn. But …

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You are here. Again.

I must have seasonal effective disorder, but instead of hitting me in the winter months, it strikes in the middle of the summer. Last year, around this time, I had a case of it. And it is here again… My disorder affects my writing and creative endeavors. While I am going all out with new …

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When the Muse is Starving

When the muse is hungry, nothing gets written. Pretty simple. In the hustle and bustle of the daily grind, I find that it is my poor muse who is forgotten first. She is left to loll around in the corner, scrabbling for crumbs. Poor thing. I need to dig this book out again, and start …

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Care and Feeding of a Muse

This is another flashback to honor NaNo. It is something that I tend to forget when I let my daily life, work and writing stress me out. The first thing I seem to cut out of my schedule is the care and feeding of my muse. Poor girl has been shoved in a corner and is …

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Muse Loyalty

A funny thing happened on my self-imposed writing vacation. As most of you know I decided about a week or so ago to step away completely from my work-in-progress and my do-it-myself crash course in self-publishing and take a much needed mental break. I had been feeling overwhelmed with information and my to-do list was …

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Renewing vows

This Saturday we will be celebrating my parents 50th wedding anniversary and as part of the celebration, they will be renewing their vows.  We are talking the whole nine yards here – tux and gown, brunch reception, receiving lines etc.  It is supposed to be a beautiful day and we are looking forward to seeing …

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