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Letting Yourself Go

And no, I am not talking about personal grooming here… I am talking about releasing our focus on the results and enjoying the process. In what? In everything! As I always tell my mom-in-law when we are quilting, “Perfection is highly overrated!” If we get too caught up in the perfect seam or perfect corners, …

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November’s Over…Now What?

Ah, yes… the post-NaNo doldrums. Where else can you find the thrill of the roller coaster ride that is NaNo!? When will you team up with hundreds of thousands of strangers and do something crazy again? How will you possibly survive until next November? And just what are you supposed to do with the 50,000 …

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Notes From the Field: NaNoWriMo Week Four

So tell me how you’re doing this week? Does the mere thought of meeting your daily word quota make you want to curl into a fetal position? Have you given up on your plot holes ever being filled in? Have you killed off all your characters and started over? Fear not! The end is drawing …

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Notes From the Field: NaNoWriMo Week Three

So tell me how you’re doing this week? Are characters running amok? Have they rebelled against you and are now making their own decisions? Do you find yourself drinking copious amounts of wine and mumbling to yourself as they scamper across the page? You are not alone. At this point, you have hopefully put the …

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Notes From the Field: NaNoWriMo Week Two

So tell me, how are you doing this week? Has your plot started to sound trite and stale? Are you questioning your character’s motivations? Have you decided that you don’t want any of your characters to survive the month? Don’t worry. This is natural. Usually at this point, you have either bonded with your story …

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NaNo Inspiration: The Night Circus

During the month of November, which we all know is National Novel Writing Month, many folks will ask you why? Why are you doing this? What is the point? As the month progresses even your most ardent supporters may flounder as they grow lonely waiting for you to finish. You spouse may begin to think …

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