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Maximum Threshold

You’ve heard of maximum security, maximum overdrive, and even maximum heart rate. I have recently named a state of mind as “maximum threshold.” Maximum threshold is the ultimate level of stress you can handle before you have to give yourself a day off. It varies from person to person, and week to week. Even if …

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When the Tide Goes Out

Ok… this summer lull seems to be a trend. I looked back at posts from summers past and I always land in a slump by mid to late summer. Why is that? Does the heat get to me? I know I am not a hot house flower; I much prefer the cool of autumn. But …

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Stress and Naps

Have you ever noticed that the older we get, the more we think of naps as a gift? I had some time off last week and spent my first afternoon off napping with the cat. I got a lovely massage that morning and after lunch decided I really should close my eyes for a bit. …

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To Sleep, Perhaps To Dream

I had high hopes this afternoon for writing. I had free time, and my Mac was fully charged! I was going to edit edit edit on my novel and write a few blog posts and work on a game plan to attach project self publish! Then this happened… I know, I know! We must be …

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Wallowing in the Ebb

As many of you have realized, I have been in a bit of a creative slump. I took the last week of August off from my job and had such grand plans!  I was going to write every day, work on my manuscript submissions and crank out some query letters, schedule a bunch of blog …

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