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A Further Quest for Rhyme and Meter

As Poetry Month comes to a close once again, I wanted to share some lovely blogs that I have discovered and some sites and books to help you if you decide you want to try your hand at writing some poetry. For inspiration, check out these blogs! The Secret Life of Sahara Long Live the …

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The Silliness of Kenn Nesbitt

Many folks will read a post about kid’s poetry and think that Kenn Nesbitt is too silly to be taken seriously. His topics are too mundane and his poems all rhyme and are just not literary enough. But I know from trying to write for children, that writing something kid’s will relate to and laugh …

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In Honor of Poetry Month

I don’t think it would be fair to close out poetry month without adding a few of my own poems to the mix. 🙂 Bare in mind that I am NOT a poet! But I do like to dabble and play with words. The first two poems are from some exercises I was working on …

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Classic Children’s Poetry Miscellany

In honor of Poetry Month, I wanted to share some poems that I have loved since I was a child. One of my favorites is by Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894) and was published in A Child’s Garden of Verses (1913). I have zero recollection of who first shared this with me – a teacher, a parent, …

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In Honor of Poetry Month – Tokoni Uti

Another poet that I have had the good fortune to “meet” through blogging is Tokoni Uti from Lagos, Nigeria. She was kind enough to inquire about guest posting on my blog. Her writing can be found at Beautiful Insanity. In an email to me, she wrote: “‎About myself, I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria and …

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The Magic of Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash, (1902-1971) first came across my radar when I was shopping for a book for my then-young niece. I was in the picture book section of Barnes & Noble, a section that I don’t typically visit. And I was completely immersed in magic! What a great place to spend a few hours! I always stop …

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The First Children’s Poet Laureate

Jack Prelutsky (1940- present) is a poet who happens to write for children, and if you aren’t hungry when you start to look for his books, you may be when you find them. The irreverent titles like A Pizza the Size of The Sun, and It’s Raining Pigs and Noodles, even his how-to-write-poems book, Pizza, …

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In Honor of Poetry Month – Bee Halton

April is Poetry Month. In my blogging journey, I have come to know some poets, and I am always in awe of their talent. Poetry has its own challenges and is very different from prose. It takes a certain mind-set and a special heart to be able to write a poem that resounds with others. …

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