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Further Thoughts on Clearing the Clutter

Last week, I posted about the itch to start hoeing out closets and tossing things I haven’t thought about or used since 1978. I made a tiny dent in the books last weekend and each day this week I have continued to chip away at it. I hope to complete the library overhaul at my …

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February Flashback – Fear of Success

There seems to be a theme in my spring posts… Hell, it is woven throughout my posts most of the year, I guess. And that is fear. Fear of doing things we have always told ourselves we cannot do. Fear of attempting things and looking foolish. Fear of anything that sticks a toe outside our …

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February Flashback – Running Scared

In another February Flashback, I would love to share a post I wrote in March of last year called, “Running Scared, or How To Be Fearless.” I find myself in the same situations time and again, and am currently trying to relearn the lesson to not rush toward these big goals and dreams but to allow …

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Inertia and Momentum

I was looking through some old posts from three to four years ago and came across a few that talked about inertia and momentum. They also talked about one of my favorite books – This Year I Will by the fabulous MJ Ryan. I find that these feelings and themes keep resounding in my life …

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NaNo Inspiration: Water For Elephants

During the month of November, which we all know is National Novel Writing Month, many folks will ask you why? Why are you doing this? What is the point? As the month progresses even your most ardent supporters may flounder as they grow lonely waiting for you to finish. You spouse may begin to think …

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Dark Nights of the Soul

Even the most prolific writers out there must encounter the lulls in productivity, right? Surely, it is not just a new writer phenomenon. It seems that the warm, sunny days of summer are not the elixir I needed. Finishing my last certification for work would not clear my desk and allow my brain to focus …

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“Writers Write”

  You see this gem in every writing book or magazine available. The first golden rule of writing. Writers write. But what happens when you go for a period of time without writing. Does this mean you are not a writer? Can only those who are able to dedicate an hour or more each day …

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The Perils of Multitasking

I have always considered myself to be a good multitasker. At work, I can usually manage to keep many balls in the air – typing a letter while answering the phone, setting up the ever-changing schedule while taking multiple phone calls and texts, completing payroll in the midst of doctors stopping in and asking questions …

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