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Who Needs a Theme Song?!

Earlier this week, a good friend who is one of my beta readers for Book #2, told me I need a theme song. Something to inspire me and pump me up when I am feeling like I am struggling, when I am floating in a sea of self-doubt. In other words, daily… šŸ™‚ She sent …

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The Tingle of Magic

Two months ago, I pulled out the manuscript for Book #2.Ā I hadn’t looked at it in over five years. It was time to dust it off and start with the revisions. I like to think that if I let my stories languish on a shelf or thumb drive, marinating for a number of years, they …

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Inertia and Momentum

I was looking through some old posts from three to four years ago and came across a few that talked about inertia and momentum. They also talked about one of my favorite books – This Year I Will by the fabulous MJ Ryan. I find that these feelings and themes keep resounding in my life …

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2016 – The Year for Intentions

It’s that time of year again where we make lists of resolutions to break in the coming year. Last year, I had a short list: Get my practice management certification. Check. Publish my first book. Check. Learn to knit. Check Lose 20 lbs. Well… at least I didn’t gain any! Hey, 3Ā out of 4Ā isn’t bad! …

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When It’s Time to Call in the Professionals

When you feel your book is ready to publish, it is actually time to call in a professional editor. Freelance editors will work on many levels – substantiveĀ editing, line editing and copy editing. Often, they will do a combination of the three. So what’s the difference and what does your manuscript need? Copy editing or …

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Beta Readers Are Your Friends

No, really, they are. šŸ™‚ In my case, some of my very best friends. Ā And I am here to tell you that it doesn’t make it any easier to show your work to someone. Beta readers are pre-readers who will read your novel and tell you what they think. When I was preparing my first …

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After Your Manuscript Ferments in a Drawer

So, you wrote a novel in November. Or maybe it was November 2007. Either way, you are in one of two camps; you are just itching to pull it out and read your magnificent words, or you are terrified that they may be discovered. Their future is up to you. I would think at some …

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November’s Over…Now What?

Ah, yes… the post-NaNo doldrums. Where else can you find the thrill of the roller coaster ride that is NaNo!? When will you team up with hundreds of thousands of strangers and do something crazy again? How will you possibly survive until next November? And just what are you supposed to do with the 50,000 …

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