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There but for the grace of God

I am going to share a post I wrote in 2014, not because of the celebrity it focuses on, but because it deals with depression. It has been a difficult few weeks for someone I know and care very much about. He is in a dark place and needs our positive energy right now. As …

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Monday Morning Pick-Me-Up

Let’s face it – Mondays are rough. The end of the weekend, the start of a long week. And with the death of Robin Williams last week, it seemed a lot longer… In tribute to the man who always made me laugh. From one of the best shows ever to air!

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Behind the Brightest Smiles

It is a gloomy morning as I write this. Rain clouds as far as you can see. Soggy shoes and a gray outlook. This fits my mood perfectly. Robin Williams died this week. His apparent suicide and long battle with depression are plastered all over the news. People are talking about how sad it is, …

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Captain my Captain

My head is spinning still over the news. When people die from cancer or another disease that attacks the body, people say, “they were so brave,” “they fought so hard, but the disease finally won.” Depression and Bipolar disorder are also life threatening diseases. But because of the stigma our society places on them, no one …

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