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Another Hundred Pounds Gone & A Sweet Surprise

The rate I am going I should be skinny by next week! Oh, wait… It’s not pounds of fat but pounds of clutter I am losing. Well, the fat will just have to wait til next week I guess. 🙂 I hit some closets and dresser drawers on Saturday and can actually see the bar …

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How to Lose 300 Lbs with No One Noticing

Sounds crazy, I know, but it can be done! I lost over 300 lbs last weekend alone and no one but my husband has noticed! 🙂 I sorted through the piles and mounds of books in our “library” and donated over 16 boxes of books to our public library. My husband helped me lug them …

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Further Thoughts on Clearing the Clutter

Last week, I posted about the itch to start hoeing out closets and tossing things I haven’t thought about or used since 1978. I made a tiny dent in the books last weekend and each day this week I have continued to chip away at it. I hope to complete the library overhaul at my …

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Spring is in the Air

I don’t know about other parts of the world, but here in the Southern Tier of New York State we have been having some unseasonably warm weather. Yesterday, we were over 70 degrees which broke a record! Not only has the warmer weather made it difficult to focus on work, but it has made me …

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