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My Thanksgiving Wish

The last few months have been a bit crazy and stressful in our lives. One minute we were minding our own business and then some time in September things started to run amok. I have been so busy juggling worries and running between work and hospitals that I haven’t had time to relax, write, or …

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Notes From the Field: NaNoWriMo Week Three

So tell me how you’re doing this week? Are characters running amok? Have they rebelled against you and are now making their own decisions? Do you find yourself drinking copious amounts of wine and mumbling to yourself as they scamper across the page? You are not alone. At this point, you have hopefully put the …

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Gratitude Fills Me

Gratitude. Gratefulness. Appreciation. Thanks. Thankfulness. That is what this time of year is all about, right? If you are in America, this is the time we celebrate Thanksgiving. A time where historically pilgrims gave thanks for their lives in the new world. And a time when we in the modern day are supposed to pause, …

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Santa Claus vs. The Great Pumpkin

No, I am not suggesting the next great MMA match-up on pay-per-view. I am actually lamenting the demise of autumn holidays in the United States. I know I have some readers outside the US and I would love to know if they see the same trends in their countries. We see it every year – …

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