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The Jumping Flea

For those of you who have been following my blog the last few weeks, you know I have been bitten by the ukulele bug. Since “ukulele” roughly translates to “jumping flea,” that kinda makes sense. 🙂 The ukulele was developed in the late 1800s and based on the small Portuguese guitars of the time. Introduced …

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The Ukulele Craze

Found a great article from the Atlantic about the rise and fall and rise (again!) of the ukulele. Very informative to those who are curious, and it included a great little video by this guy! I can only hope to be able to play a recognizable tune like he does. 🙂  

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Tappa Tappa Tappa

So, I was hoping to have pics by now for you. But perfection cannot be rushed. Still waiting… Ukulele still in set up…

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Anticipation Mode

As Tom Petty always said, “The waiting is the hardest part!” Last week, I posted that I had splurged and was anxiously awaiting a brand new ukulele! Of course, I don’t play the ukulele… yet… And still I wait… Set up time for new instruments from the shop can take 2-3 weeks! But we wanted …

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Taking My Own Advice

Last week, I listed some idea of how to get through the long gray days while you wait for winter to turn to spring. Sometimes you have to follow old passions and sometimes you have to take hold of new ones… I have found that when I get a bee in my bonnet about something …

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How to Write Like a Ukulele

I was probably first introduced to the ‘ukulele sound while watching the Brady Bunch special where they went to Hawaii. (Come on, admit it! You saw it too!) If you missed it, you can view it here. That was the only ukulele sound I knew. For those of you who are used to pronouncing it you-ka-LAY-lee, …

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